Cory Tselikis aka EE2 or EE Squared is a natural-born music producer.  He is influenced by the musical sounds of artists such as Enigma / Michael Cretu, David Guetta, Bob Sinclair and some other great artists like Gigi D’Agostino, Paul Van Dyke, Armin Van Buren, Paul Oakenfold, Armin Van Helden and Tiesto.  His musical diversity allows him the ability to appreciate all genres and create music compilations that draw on such diverse sounds and rhythms to create unique songs.

EE2’s music not only draws upon the audience’s sense of hearing, but also on their sense of touch because his music really moves you and you can feel the energy throughout your body.  EE2’s music also has an emotional element to it, in conjunction with the moving sounds, his music drives your mind, heart and soul. 

As a teenager, Cory began his musical career as a DJ and continued working as a young adult at night clubs in Chicago and the suburbs.  He then partnered up with other local DJ’s to work on remixing tracks and creating mash-ups that were widely distributed in the Chicago market.  Cory has DJ’d alongside some great well-known DJ’s like Psycho Bitch and Teri Bristol to name a couple at some of Chicago’s most well-known clubs like Crobar and Vision.  Cory has the ability to work with all types of equipment, in various settings and different venues and can even step into do a live set with another DJ’s music and equipment.  His flexibility is also evidenced in that he worked a grand opening event for Guess ©™ Clothing and had the store packed with customer traffic.

EE2 is also influenced by his ethnic heritage – half Greek, half Polish – in creating Euro club-friendly tracks.  EE2 has even dabbled in creating some hip-hop music which merely exemplifies his musical diversity.

In 2007, Cory created and launched an internet radio site called in which he solely managed and operated. attracted the attention of not only some well-known local Chicago DJ’s, but from some renowned artists from all over the world.  His radio station created such a buzz with a great following from fans, DJ’s and artists alike.  Music from a variety of genres aired 24/7 on  This just goes to show that Cory not only has the ability to DJ and the talent to produce music, but the know-how to manage and promote a radio station.  After some careful consideration, Cory decided to close the doors on to focus his efforts on his true passion in producing music. 

EE2 possesses an inherent talent to really understand sounds, rhythms and musicality and how they all interplay with each other to create exhilarating music.  Some of his best tracks were created – from concept to finished track – in less than two (2) hours.

EE2 is greatly inspired by music of all sorts and really enjoys what he does.  He hopes to pass along his talent and appreciation for music to his future kids someday and hopes that his fans truly enjoy his tracks.  Watch out for this hot new artist as he will make it on the big stage real soon.